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For this challenge we are partnering with Postillion Hotels. They’ve decided to work with a digital influencer to appeal to a different target group, but who what where when why they still need to figure out. That’s where you come in; your group you will answer the question:

How can a digital influencer help the Postillion hotel brand to promote itself amongst hotel school students as employees?

This competition is also geared to give you insight into Design Based Education and Design Thinking.


On 12 November at 16:00CET your group must submit a 3-minute video with an explanation of the (validated) prototype of the solution to the problem. In this video you need to explain your tested solution and underpin the decisions you made by linking them to the steps of design thinking.

How to submit:
Upload a 3-minute video on You-Tube (you might want to consider making it private)
Create a short description of the video (a sales pitch if you will). Please include your group name, school name, and the names of your group members. This should be no more than 100 words
Add both of these (video link and description) to a PDF document. Include your group name and the group members
Send the PDF document to Make sure to include your group name in the subject line
• Cross your fingers

Assessment of Deliverable

Each video and description will be assessed on the following:
• How applicable is the solution for the industry/Postillion
• Does the video radiate energy?
• Is there a budget or cost guideline (and is it realistic)?
• Does the concept resonate with the target group?
• All facets of Design Thinking have been explored and completed
• Validated by the end user?
• BONUS: Is there iteration?
• Have any suggestions been made as a result of the iteration?


Guaranteed participation in the EURHODIP Challenge 2021


Wednesday November 11
10:00 CET: Opening (45 minutes)
11:00 CET: Get to work (see useful resources below)

Thursday November 12
16:00 CET: the deliverable must be submitted (see instructions above)

Friday November 13
16:00 CET: The winners of the EURHODIP Challenge will be announced. This will be sent via a YouTube link to each participant team.

Useful Resources:

• Opening Postillion Hotels by Erik-Jan Ginjaar
• Digital Influencer by Maarten Reijersbergen (RauwCC)
• The world of Postillion by Mark Struik
• Design Thinking in short from Jeroen Kraak (TheNextLab)
• FAQ’s

We are also available live for Questions via the chat.

F.A.Q Postillion

> Do we need to promote the Postillion Hotels for students to visit or to come work there?

As employees and not as guests


> What’s the goal we should reach? this persona should sponsor the hotel for guest or just let everybody know how is amazing working for them?

How amazing it is to work for


> Who is the persona. Can we choose a virtual Influencer ourselves or can you give us the name of the influencer you already work with?

The name of the influencer is Esther. But keep in mind the persona’s are of the end user and in this case that is the student as potential employee


> What is the budget for the influencer, via what platforms do you want to have promotion, are there any requirements or demands, what kind of ideal customers do you want to attract via the platforms, would you like to create a certain impression.

Type of platform is up to you – depends on the employee journey so I am looking forward to have that included in the prototype


> Will it be possible to open the hotel’s backstage for a group of students so that they can experience how is it working? We want to organise an event which will show students how the hotel’s departments work and also to give them the opportunity to speak to the staff and management.

If it is a good idea – then we are absolutely open for it


> Are we free to choose the influencer, or we should have in mind a particular one?

Yes, you are free to choose the virtual influencer. Maarten showed you Esther Olofsen. Please explain why you do or do not work with Esther


> And if the persona we have to investigate then is about the digital influencer or the target group

Usually you create the persona for the target group, that is the basic of the design sprint methodology. Still the persona of the influences is in this case part of the prototype.

> How does Postillion wants to attract the students target audience?

As new talents we have a goal to be the greatest place to work in our industry. For that we offer several opportunities such as: personal development, training, possible seat at the table for decision making, NXTChief program, doorgroei ladder (sorry don’t know in english). Suggestions are of course welcome


> Why did Postillion create this challenge and what have been the struggles with getting students to come to your hotel?

Part of our employer branding strategy is to create a good name among future generations. We need to attract new talent to stay ahead of the curve. Still many students at Hotelschools look firstly at the main brands like Hilton, Marriott, NH etc. So, we need to establish this good name and make sure that students know who we are and what we have to offer.


> Is the challenge for one specific hotel or the entire Postillion hotel chain?

Entire Postillion.


> What are the requirements to work for them and what postillion would offer us?

Requirements are (of course depends on the job) hospitality DNA – so preferably hotelschool. we can teach you the skill, but we can’t teach you attitude. Furthermore, horeca CAO and training budget. Also see earlier questions about how we want to attract students. And presentation about company this morning


> What do they mean with validated by the end user? And what means iteration?

Validated means “responded to by the end user”. Outcome can be positive or negative. Both is OK, because it answers one of your assumptions. Iteration means “little improvement on your original idea”. Continues iteration will allow you to constantly improve your services. Please note: it is NOT part of the assignment to iterate on your outcomes


> Is Esther able to talk? So, it is possible to make a video of her talking?

No, unfortunately not yet. It is possible in the future to make her talk and they are already working on it. But it will not be finished before 2021. It is also not possible for Esther to move within a video


> And can you ask them what kind of questions Postillion will ask during a job interview?

What kind of person you are, attitude-based questions, based on history and experience


> What does postillion mean with hospitality DNA?

Hospitality is in your DNA. You have to be willing and love to work with people and you want to make a connection with your guests. You have to meet the expectations of your guest in order to satisfy them


> Do we need to think about the payment which the influencer gets from Postillion Hotel? Or is that not important for the Assignment?

No that is not important