Terms and conditions

What is your vaccination policy to attend Eurhodip 2021?

For Dutch attendees, sponsors, speakers, and Eurhodip staff :
check here the rules and regulations:


Visitors must have :
> a vaccination proof
> a recovery Proof
> a test proof with them. This proof must then: 1. Download corona check app
2. Upload corona proof (3 options to upload)
3. QR code must be scanned at the entrance
4. People can enter after checking ID and access pass
For International attendees, sponsors, speakers, and Eurhodip staff :

Tourists and visitors use their own corona proof
European countries have agreed that every country must have a system for corona proofs. They call this the EU Digital Corona Certificate (EU DCC). In the Netherlands, the corona proof goes through the app and website CoronaCheck.

Using international QR code in the Netherlands
Are you visiting the Netherlands and do you want to go to an activity? And did you come to the Netherlands with a European Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) from another country? You can also use the same QR code to go to an activity. This is usually if your DCC is based on a vaccination certificate or recovery certificate.

Negative test result is valid for a maximum of 24 hours
Do you have a DCC with a test certificate? Then your negative test at the start of the activity must not be older than 24 hours. Was your test too long ago? Then get tested again to gain entry for the event. You cannot upload this Dutch test result in another European app. Go to CoronaCheck.nl to convert your negative test result into a QR code for your activity.

I’m concerned about data protection regarding my personal health information. How do you store the information about my proof of vaccination?
By submitting this form you are agreeing to the sharing of this information with the public health authorities to comply with the requirements of Dutch government measures. Information will only be collected by Eurhodip relevant partners and shared with public health authorities and/or venues in the case of justified need.

What if I do not have a Corona Passport by 14 November 2021?
You will be given the option to attend Eurhodip 2021 virtually.

If I test positive before Eurhodip 2021 and must isolate, will I be able to get a refund?
No refunds are available per the Terms and Conditions. You will be given the option to attend Eurhodip virtually. If you are choosing for this option you can contact: annaroos@stendenmeetingu.nl

If I am told I’m a close contact of someone that tests positive before the event, can I attend?
No, we would expect you to follow local Government guidelines in relation to quarantine as a close contact and that you do not attend Eurhodip 2021.

If I feel unwell before or during the event, what should I do?
You must not enter the event venue if you feel ill or display any symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. coughing, fever, a runny nose, or loss of sense of smell or taste), or if you have been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days. If you develop symptoms whilst inside the venue, please report to the onsite medic, via the information desk, and follow their instructions.

What if my company does not allow me to travel for business?
We appreciate that there are company travel restrictions in place, therefore we would like to offer you the option to attend Eurhodip virtually.

I’m a speaker at the event, can I join the panel virtually if I’m unable to travel?
In order to offer the best audience experience both in the room and on livestream, we prefer to have all speakers on stage. If you are unable to speak in person, please contact Anna Roos Koops.

Will I have to social distance?
There is no social distancing required once inside the venues as we are running a fully-vaccinated event.

What are your mask requirements on-site at Eurhodip?
You need to wear a surgical mask when you are moving yourselves in the building during the event, other than when consuming food and drink. When you are seated you do not have to wear a surgical mask.

What are the entry requirements for travel into the Netherlands?
Please check the entry requirements into the Netherlands from the country you are travelling from, and for your return journey before you travel.

How do I find local testing sites for my return journey?
There is a testing centre at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Testlocation: Tupolevlaan 1, Schiphol-Rijk – Schiphol Airport. Click here for more information: https://spoedteststraat.nl/product/covid-19-antigeen-sneltest-schiphol/?qooqie_creative_id=502240017769&keywords=teststraat%20schiphol&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkIGKBhCxARIsAINMioLjM8Y-T4IAPARDllh9l-_d-WrFer2XCrwtIcXw-I6o170EbKNS-68aAuLHEALw_wcB

How do I attend Eurhodip virtually and how much does it cost?
Your registration can be changed to a virtual pass and you will receive details via email about how to access the virtual platform.

Will you be issuing refunds?
There will be no refunds per the Terms and Conditions.
If you notify us pre-event then you have the option to attend Eurhodip virtually. If you are interested please contact: annaroos@stendenmeetingu.nl